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Hepler Homes has been named one of the Top 10 Best Custom Home Builders in VA by Home Builder Digest.

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Custom Homes in Clear Brook , VA


What services does Hepler Homes provide?

Hepler Homes is best known for our custom homes and semi-custom new homes in the Clear Brook, VA area.   We don’t want to build you a house, we want to build you the home of your dreams. Do you dream of your own private spa? a home theater? a sunroom? With Hepler Homes, your options are virtually limitless.

We will custom tailor a home that truly suits your lifestyle while fulfilling your needs and desires entirely in the Clear Brook, VA area. We have an extensive collection of designs to suit any taste and style, we also welcome our customers to bring their own plans and ideas as well.  At Hepler Homes we are one of the most flexible builders out there. We have a collection of hundreds of plans that we have built in the past, but we can build from ANY plans. We have had customers bring in napkins with scribbled designs and we’ve turned them into a reality for them.

Experience the Hepler Difference

Think you can’t afford a custom home?  Think again. At Hepler Homes, in Clear Brook, VA we work within a wide variety of budgets.   whether you are building your first home or the home of your dreams.  Whether you have your own property already or in the market for a piece of property in the Clear Brook, VA area, we build where you want to live.

If you live in or want to live in the Clear Brook, VA, contact Hepler Homes today and discover how the Hepler Homes Advantage will work for you.