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This is the most exciting phase of building your new house.  This where your new home starts to really take shape.  During this phase, our construction crew and subcontractors will be installing the inner workings of your new home. At this time you get to do a walk thru. The walk thru can last anywhere from 1 ½ hours to 4 hours, your contractor is right there by your side, you will spend time getting to see and choose how things will be laid out. During the walk thru, we will define the placement of many utilities and home features such as plumbing and lighting.

We bring a team of people to the walk thru so we have everyone there for support and expert advice.  Here is where you get to make decisions on placement of your outlets (do you want extra outlets for candle warmers, higher outlets in the bedroom for cell phone chargers, etc) where do you recessed lights placed, where are TV and Cable outlets going.  Before the walk thru we draw out the placement of Kitchen Cabinets on the floor so you can see where they go.  This is where you get to add all of the special touches that customize your new home to your family.

This walk thru should not be taken lightly, the decisions made during this phase are critical and will be very difficult to change once the interior finishing is complete.

This phase will introduce the following rough-ins…

    • Plumbing
    • Heating
    • Air-Conditioning
    • Lighting and Security Systems
    • Central Vacuum Lines
    • Television Cable
    • Sound Systems
    • Computer Network Cabling
    • Exhaust Fans
    • Phone Lines

After the rough-ins have been completed, it is highly recommended that you and family members or friends walk through the home to assess the details and discuss with your contractor any questions or concerns you have. At Hepler Homes we encourage you to do this several times with different people, this gives you an advantage to look at it through several sets of eyes and perspectives. You will remove a great deal of aggravation, and extra cost, in catching any changes at this point, rather than after the interior finishes are complete.

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