New Custom Homes in Charles Town, WV


Charles Town, WV is a wonderful place to lay down some roots. If you’re considering making Charles Town, WV your home, why not have a custom home builder by your side? With over 20 years of experience, and drive to get the job done, and done right, Hepler Homes is the builder and you can trust. We have your best interests at the core of your home project. We have been through it all – from the seemingly laborious loan process to the design and construction obstacles. When it comes to your dream home, we want to carry the load for you. 

When you decide to take the step to build your custom home, there will be color schemes, entryway designs, budget reviews, and materials to consider. We want you to be an integral part of the process so that your house will truly reflect you and your needs. Our team includes some of the most quality designers, project managers, contractors, and more. However, we understand that you may have someone in mind to help in the custom home process, and we welcome them. Our goal is that you walk into a home that is all YOURS, which is built with the integrity to last.

A Job Done the Right Way

We take great pride in our processes – in the planning, communication, execution, and problem solving. Our plan is to build your dream home to your expectation, the first time. No re-do’s, or major upsets – that is not part of the dream. Of course, things can happen, but we do our very best to make the wisest choices to swiftly problem solve.

Involved From Top to Bottom

Our dedicated and devoted owner and CEO, Dave Hepler, makes it his priority to be involved in every custom home construction. It is important for him to give some oversight, feedback, or help with potential issues. His personal touch sets Hepler Homes apart from other builders.

Find Peace of Mind

We want to take all of the stresses out of constructing your new home for you. At Hepler Homes, we get to know our clients and learn about what may be racking your nerves. We just want everything to go according to plan in order to make your vision a new reality.

Call us today and we will get you into to your new Charles Town, WV home!

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