New Custom Homes in Harpers Ferry, WV


Building a home in Harper’s Ferry, WV is like living the dream, especially if you’re into historical landmarks and scenery for days. You can lay down new roots with your family or on your own with a newly constructed home with the helping hands of Hepler Homes. You know what you like; and when you purchase a home, you make some concessions in what you want in it. However, if you are directing every inch of your space from the ground up, you really can get all you ever wanted.

The decision to invest in this avenue is not one that is made quickly. Once you have your sights set on a budget, basic specs, location, acreage – you are well on your way. We can support you by handling all of the stressful aspects of construction a new house. Try us, we understand the whole process from the decades of experience in the industry and we aim to make it a painless process for you.


Start with Success

When you begin each process like it’s the first one, your perspective is renewed which can make for creative solutions and ideas. Not only that, but we take pride in getting our work completed without any unnecessary extensions or additional costs for changes, the first time.

Dedication in the Process

There is something special about Hepler Homes! It’s that the owner, Dave Hepler, makes it a priority to meet the clients and put his stamp of approval on each home project. This is how he continues to grow, while still caring for each and every one that takes this exciting leap!

Stress Less

As already mentioned, it is an integral part of our business to provide services to make for an enjoyable home building and buying process. Hepler Homes has your best interest at heart and will work to make your ideas and visions come to life in your new home.

Call our support staff with your inquiries and we can get started on your project in Harper’s Ferry WV right away!

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