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Building Additions


Homeowners have spent billions of dollars on home improvements in just one year. If you’re one of many thinking of remodeling your home with large additions such as a deck or garage, there are several things involved in the planning and the process of such improvements. From the zoning laws where you live, the type of wood you prefer to use, to whether you want a single or double car garage, these additions have many interrelated parts that you will have to consider.

New House Garage Construction
New Garage Construction


A deck can compliment and increase the value of your home. It can also change the way you spend your free time at home. Decks extend your home and can include outdoor kitchens and extensive seating for your family and guests. They can be built completed with fire pits, additional storage, and other features. It all depends on your design and specifications. The type of wood used and the preferred number of levels are also important to think about when you begin to design.


Bring your older home to life with a porch addition, or bring your current porch back to life with a facelift. There are several styles – screened-in or open – that could give your home extra curb appeal and an inviting new look. Older porches lose their luster over the years from weathering and lack of care. With an updated construct, new paint, and stability restored, you may be thinking it’s time to add a porch swing to complete the picture. Use a quality contractor and architect to bring you closer to ideal outdoor leisure.

Garage Remodel, Addition, Conversion

If you are looking for extra workspace or parking spaces, a garage addition can add functionality and value to your home. Most garage additions can hold one to three cars. Special accommodations can be made to suit spaces. All shapes, sizes, and designs of your remodel or addition can be developed. We’ll keep your garage looking like it belongs to the rest of your home.

A conversion of your garage to something more practical to your needs is always an option. Although garage spaces are typically used to house vehicles and storage boxes, many homeowners convert these spaces into a rec room, gaming center, laundry room, entertaining or music studio spaces – whatever you desire.

Bottom line: additions can cost a pretty penny, but the investment will add value to your home. Whether your goal is to create more space or a different kind of space, finding a contractor and architect that you can trust is the first step!