New Custom Homes in Middleburg, VA


Just drive through the beautiful town of Middleburg, VA and you will fall in love. A quaint yet bustling downtown marketplace with all of the conveniences and luxuries at your fingertips. Beyond the shopping are farms backed by mountainous views that would be glorious to have in your backyard.  At Hepler Homes, we can help make this a reality for you and your family. Let us help you with any fears you may have with the process. We have the skills, the foreman, the team, and the experience to make your dreams come true.

Whether it’s your first home or potentially your last, we know how to deliver on custom home projects. Our years on site and behind the scenes have given our team insight and problem-solving skills that make for a stress-free process for you.

Smooth Development

Every successful endeavor starts with a clear and concise plan, and that’s exactly where we start. We will let you guide the way, so we can see your overall vision – but we take the lead when the time is right and strategize. We look ahead for potential roadblocks and try to create a streamlined yet flexible design to set you, the foreman, and the contractors up for success!

The Hepler Presence

The owner, Dave Hepler, and his outstanding foremen make sure that the first and final touches on your beautiful construction are all that it should be. That is why it is so vital for Dave to be on site to review each project is not only to your satisfaction, but to his as well.

A Beautiful Finished Product

At Hepler Homes, we want you to walk away from the home building process feeling like your vision equals reality. We haven’t done the job if you are not satisfied. Your time, money, and input are all valuable and we refuse to waste it. We understand the sacrifices it takes to get the point of purchasing, let alone building a new home. When you take the big step, our designers, contractor, foreman, and all of our support staff are eager to work with you!

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