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Breaking Ground


Home Sighting

The first step moving beyond the paper and pencil is visiting the construction site and walking though the land with Hepler Homes. This time is used to place the house, establish the set back and analyze the elevation requirements. The Hepler Homes team will work with you to define which trees should remain and which trees should be brought down based on the current landscape. This is also the time when the location of utilities is identified, including wells, septic, electric, and everything else that goes into and out of your home.


This is the time your dreams start to become a reality. After the site work has been completed, digging and pouring the footings and foundation can begin. This is an exciting time; this phase gives you a greater understanding of the footprint of the home. Hepler Homes uses this phase to assure proper sized reinforcements for the load which it will carry and implement a waterproofing system to assure a dry below grade area.


If you found the foundation phase to be exciting, the framing will be awesome. Once the framing crew has completed the first floor deck, you will now be able to walk around your new home for the first time.  The framing phase can take from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the complexity of the home and weather conditions. Each day will bring significant change; you will be able to observe the walls, roof and windows installation during this time. This phase can also bring the opportunity for some on-site changes. This will be the first time that you will be able to observe actual proportions and architectural details. Often this phase can accommodate minor changes such an interior wall movement or adding or moving a closet.

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