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Once you have made the decision that Hepler Homes is the builder for you, the pre-construction phase is used to agree on a contract; which will contain all of the detailed requirements, the home plans and the pricing. This will be the most critical phase of the building process, you will have to live with the decisions you make and for this reason we work very closely with you to ensure we meet your expectations.

After the Hepler Homes team has sketched out your initial home plan, they will need to identify the budget for all of the materials and start looking at finishes. There are many selections that go into the construction of a new home. The specifications must be clearly defined and understood by all parties. Generally, Hepler Homes has found that any element that is not clearly defined will almost certainly be something other than what you expected. Though every single selection does not have to be defined to the letter under the initial contract phase, often you will be introduced to a budgetary cap. It is important that you will have spent enough time with each selection to guarantee that these caps are appropriate for your expectations.

In order for Hepler Homes to establish the final specifications and price for the project, the following items will be defined:

  1. Is the property served by public utilities or will it require well and septic?
  2. What are the building set-backs?
  3. Will access to the site be a problem during construction or bad weather?
  4. What land considerations need to be made for good water drainage?
  5. Has the homeowner been approved for the construction loan?
  6. Are there trees to be cleared or rocks to be removed on the site?

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