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Barn Building


Hepler Homes specialized in custom new home builds, but is able to do barn construction on a case-by-case basis.

New Barn Construction

When deciding exactly what kind of barn you want built, there are some things you want to think about before you plan and throughout the process.

Where are you building?

Consider the usage of the barn and if the land is suitable to support its purpose. If you want a site that will sustain your barn and operation or lifestyle, you will want to make sure it at least has:

  • Level ground
  • Ideal proximity to required utilities
  • Availability to expand in the future
  • Easy access
  • Soil with natural drainage

Building with purpose

If you are building a barn, you should have some sort of purpose for building it. It could be purely for aesthetics; some people just love that rustic look, but have no real use for it. You may have or be in the process of attaining horses and need a living and utilitarian space. Maybe it is just for storage. Whatever the reason, it will dictate what kind of build or style, space design and size that will be designed.

Barn Construction Interior
New Barn Interior