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Our online systems give you and your clients easy access to everything about their project. They can make selections, see progress, browse photos, review financial decisions, send messages, and more. All from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Maybe you’ve heard horror stories from agents who have worked with builders. Stories of frustrated clients, confusing loans, being left in the dark, and even worse, reduced commissions.

This is where Hepler Homes steps in. With our online communication system, and agent portal the process of building a home can be enjoyable for you and your client.

Easy Access

With easy access, customizing a home is fun, not overwhelming. We handle organizing all of that for your client, so the decision-making process will be easier.


Hepler Homes always pays you a full 6% commission on the full contract amount.


With our agent portal you’ll be able to access

  • Home Plans
  • Photos
  • Pricing
  • Specifications
  • Listing Information
  • Supporting Documents to list that “to be built” home

Your clients can choose from these plans or bring their own plans.  Our designers, draftsman and engineers can modify or create and custom home.


At Hepler Homes, we encourage you to be as involved with process as you want to be. We’ve heard the horror stories too! That’s why we’ve invested in our online systems.  So, you and your customers are still raving about it, years down the road.

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