New Custom Homes in Inwood, WV


Making the decision to have a home built from scratch is like living the dream. If you’re looking to live in the Inwood, WV area, we at Hepler Homes want to give you a stress-free and exciting custom home experience. Our team knows how to deal with difficult situations without making you feel overwhelmed. We pride ourselves on finishing every job the right way, the first time. We are committed to working by your side as we guide you through the custom home building process.

Our team in Inwood, WV has the experience and flexibility you are looking for. For instance, we will welcome any of your preferred contractors onto the job in order to work together. With you at the helm, you can look forward to a custom home in Inwood, WV that meets your perfect design and vision. At Hepler Homes, we are excited to offer so many choices to our Inwood, WV clients so you can be satisfied with every detail. We work with these core values in mind:

A Job Well Communicated

In order to build a custom home successfully, we hold our communication to a high standard. To be the best, we strive to communicate effectively and have the ability to problem solve. From the contractors to the designers and technicians, there must be constant oversight, all while keeping the homeowner in the loop.

From Your Vision to Reality

From start to finish, we want you to be happy with your decision to build a custom home. It is a very personal process for us. Our owner and CEO, Dave Hepler, plays an essential part of each project. No matter the scale of the job, Dave makes it his priority to offer his expertise.

Giving You Peace of Mind

We strive to give you what you want without the headache or worry. You shouldn’t be put to work; you are there to inspire and help give us a picture of your future custom home. Together, we will plan and find solutions to any unforeseen problems. With the amount of experience, quality work, and excellent communication skills we have at Hepler Homes, we don’t anticipate any issues. We just face them as they come.

Start your journey to a new home in Inwood, WV with us at Hepler Homes! With 20 years of experience in making dreams come true, we can get you there with the Hepler Homes Advantage.

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