New Custom Homes in Kernstown, VA


Come settle down in the lovely Kernstown, VA area with a mountain view and a custom-built home with Hepler Homes. When it comes to the next phase of home building, we have the skills and experience to get your final construction to meet your every expectation. It takes a lot of work and decision making, just to arrive at where you will live, how much living space and land you want, and that is only the beginning. Partnering with our team will offset pressure and guide you through the entire home building process.

If this is your first time buying a home to build from the ground up, you may be feeling overwhelmed. We want our clients to focus on the lighter questions such as if you can put a hot tub or in-ground pool, add a sunroom, or how about land and hardscapes. Think about, draw, or start a vision board – bring it in and we can work from there. We are happy to partner with any of your preferred contractors, or we can carry the load of the project entirely!

First Time’s the Charm

We believe in getting our projects completed to your satisfaction, the first time. We know that issues arise, and parts don’t always fit properly, but we take great strides to problem solve before a minor detour becomes a complete overhaul.

From Start to Finish

Our dedicated owner and CEO, Dave Hepler, is thoughtful enough to be the finishing touch to every project. There is no project managed by Hepler Homes that is not influenced by his expert input. This is what makes our constructions project so different; the approval and insurance that you are receiving high-quality work is priceless.

Sit Back and Let Us Carry the Load

Having a professional company such as Hepler Homes to manage your new build is a guarantee for a low-stress process. The final result should reflect your original vision without all of the anxiety, and we are happy to offer that to you.

Call our support staff with any questions and we’ll get started on your new dream!

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