Custom Homes in Belmont, Virginia


Let our team assist you in constructing your dream home! As Belmont, Virginia’s premier new home builder, the Hepler Homes team partners with you throughout the process. We work hand-in-hand to design your custom home, ensuring it is exactly how you pictured it. When we design your perfect home, we guarantee it is tailored to your lifestyle and designed with the right products for you and your family. We can even help you find the best financing plan for your investment.

Your Dreams

Our goal is to ensure our customers get to experience living in their dream homes without it being a hassle to pick up a tool. Before breaking ground and starting the design process, you should consider some things.

  • What are some must-haves you have that you need in your dream home? Do you already have a floor plan or a style of home you would like?
  • Do you want to incorporate any specific amenities, such as a large mage room or wine cellar?
  • You’ll want to consider the neighborhood you are building in or if you need help connecting to a real estate agent to purchase a piece of land. If you already have a piece of property, we can help you skip the search process.
  • Financial assistants – you don’t need to worry if you need a finance plan. Our experts know great local financiers that make the whole process easier. If you pay with pay with cash, we can help walk you through that process as well.

Involvement from The Beginning

Our team of professionals is dedicated to serving our customers to the best of our abilities. Here at Helper Homes, we have some essential missions explaining why we are the best. We’ve created dream homes in Belmont, Virginia, for over 20 years. Here are some things that are extremely important to our team:

Involvement from The Top

We are involved in everything. From start to finish, Helper Homes strives to support the new homeowners. This is to ensure we can answer any questions they may have and help iron out any hiccups that may come up. Dave, our founder and CEO, is involved in every new home built. He believes that is what sets Helper Homes apart from other home builders. He genuinely cares about every client and wants to be able to share his expertise.

Our Philosophy

Helper Home guarantees a job well done. We take pride in being the premier home-building company in the Belmont area. Our philosophy is to communicate constantly and effectively with our partners and homeowners to ensure the project is on track and on time. This communication is key to our success. We only use the best materials for each home we are building. We incorporate green building and use energy-saving techniques wherever we can.

Peace of Mind

The custom-building home industry has a bad reputation. Many homeowners believe that building a custom home is extreme work and have heard bad experiences about the process. Helper Homes is here to change your mind. We stand by our beliefs when it comes to constructing your home. We believe that it can be a fun and exciting experience. We build strong relationships with everyone involved to guarantee the best team is working for you. We do our research to push you in the right direction through all the possible hiccups. 

If you are in the Belmont, Virginia, area and looking to build your dream home, call our team at Helper Homes!

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