What is Your Sink Made of and Should You Care?

What is your sink made of?

With all of the decisions you make when you purchase a new home or replacement parts for your current dwelling, sinks never seem to be a hot topic. But when the time comes to purchase a new model, how do you decide? There are actually some things to consider: color, depth, faucets, costs. What may slip your mind and be one of the most important elements is the material. Stainless steel, a composite, copper, porcelain, stone, or something else entirely. Knowing more about what sinks are healthier, quieter, or easier to repair is useful when there are so many choices.

We all want a durable and long-lasting sink. Here are some well-known materials to consider:

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the common choice in homes because they can be affordable, durable, and come in many shapes and sizes. However, there is lots of care involved if you want them to maintain their look and quality. Harsh abrasives and cleaners can scratch the surface and hard water can cause spotting. It is hard to stain this type of material, but it is possible without proper care and maintenance.

Solid Sink

This is a non-porous alternative made of minerals and resin and versatile and very easy to repair. Solid sinks are easy to clean and when scratches and chips appear, you can easily sand and polish these down.


These are typically granite or quartz mixed with resin. They are another favorite for homeowners. The sturdiness, decadence, and high-temperature resistant nature makes this material an appealing choice. The main downside is the cost. These sinks are more of an investment.


Copper sinks are more of a luxury. It has natural beauty and can benefit the health of your kitchen. Copper has naturally occurring anti-microbial properties that reduce the likelihood of contamination. Because bacteria cannot survive more than a few hours on the copper surface, smells and bacterial growth will be minimized.

There are other common choices for kitchen sink materials including natural stone, porcelain, cast iron, and fireclay. Each of these is easy to maintain and extremely robust. Whatever you choose, do your research and pick the material that best suits your taste and expectations – your sink may last you a lifetime!