What Is It About Open Floor Plans?

An open floor plan refers to two or more spaces that are connected, not closed off by a wall or other barrier, to create a more communal space. These layouts have become a popular choice for home buyers, it’s hard to imagine why you would want the alternative. There are several benefits to wide open spaces, just see why so many people prefer it!

Open Floor Plan Kitchen and Living Room


Having an open floor plan equals extra space, which is much more inviting when it comes to entertaining guests. Walls create more barriers and break up the flow of a party or gathering. Joining all of the rooms creates a more cohesive feeling without packing everyone into the same room.

Real Estate Value

If you are looking to sell your home and have an open floor plan, consider yourself lucky. Open floor plans give more usable square footage and more of a modern look and feel, which is appealing to most home buyers.

Spacious Feel

If you have less barriers and intrusion, your rooms connect seamlessly and overall look much larger. Guests and residents don’t want to feel closed off from other rooms or people, which is why open floor plans are often preferred.

Kitchen Focus

If you’re looking for a home that encourages togetherness, then an open floor plan is perfect for you!  The kitchen and dining areas are focal points with these open layouts and they provide a link to living areas. So, if you are the cook you will be able to work with the food and still stay in the conversation.


If you have kids, safety is especially important and open floor plans make it a lot easier to manage potential incidents. When you are working from home or cooking a meal for dinner, you can keep an eye and ear on what’s going on nearby without actually leaving your spot.

Shared Light

If your rooms are more connected and open, that means that any natural light or fixture lighting will move through and brighten your home easily. This is something to consider when you’re deciding on the number of windows and their placement in a custom home. You could save on space and electric bills if you have less need for artificial light.

Energy Efficiency

Many may disagree on the opinion that open floor plans lower your energy bills. It may seem unlikely, but when you are using less track light or lamps, you save costs on energy and the initial purchase. When it comes to cooling and heating, the openness of your home may more effectively distribute the air.