Upgrade Your ‘Curb Appeal’ For Summer Entertaining!

Summer brings a lot of things, with heat, longer days, and cold drinks. As the days continue to grow longer, summer is the perfect time of year to invite your friends and family over. How will you entertain your guests in the warmer months? There are many ways that you as a homeowner can spruce up and add some budget friendly additions to make your lawn and yard more inviting. Even starting small by adding some different plants or accent pieces can make a difference. You can spend a little extra and add a pergola, improve on a fence, or build a DIY garden structure to create a space to spend your summer nights. Here are some ways to make your yard even more inviting to guests.

Upgrade Your ‘Curb Appeal’ For Summer Entertaining!

Quick, Cheap, and Glorious

  • Downsize your ‘stuff’ and keep only what you really want
  • Take the rest and buff up for the summer
  • Keep bugs at bay with tiki torches or lanterns laced with repellent, or create a screened-in area for you and your guests
  • Add a few new plants with color to make your curbside more engaging

Easy DIY Projects

  • While most fire pits are not too pricey, there are many easy and cheap ideas to use or modify to your own yard specifications
  • Use pallets to build a table, sandpit, corn hole game, seating, raised gardens, and more. It may seem overwhelming, but projects can be possible with very little monetary investment.
  • Fix and/or paint your fence. If it’s not a complete replacement, you and a few friends could easily tackle this in a day.

For Those of You Willing to Invest More Time and Money

  • Remove weeds and pull up dead bushes, plants, and overgrown and greenery.
  • Invest in furniture if you haven’t already. If it is not stored away seasonally, then cleaning will likely be needed.
  • Take a look at your patio or deck – is it time for repairs or replacement?
  • Go all the way! Add a pergola, gazebo, or possibly a pool if you have space and money.

These are just some ideas to inspire you. We know that many homeowners have limitations on space and resources. Think outside of the box and use what you already have. This will take some ingenuity, but it will also drive you to create your own signature for your entertaining space. Get started today, so you can be ready this summer!