Top 45 “Little” Things to Add to Your New Home

Here is a list of things to consider and remember when building your new home.  Most people overlook the little things, however we put together a list of things most people might not think about, but will come in handy.

Kitchen Area

  • Have a pantry entrance near both the kitchen and the garage
  • Outlets in kitchen pantry for charging appliances
  • Warming drawer in dining room for when you are entertaining
  • Set up for both gas and electric appliances
  • Having a motion sensor for your light in the pantry
  • Put cabinets on both sides of your island 
    (this is good for storing items that you don’t use often)
  • Copper tubing for your ice maker from the freezer
  • Two soap pumps at sink (one for hand soap, one for dish soap)
  • Putting your microwave in a drawer or below the counter
  • Knife drawer
  • Pull-out garbage/recycling/laundry (for dirty dish towels/napkins/bibs!)
  • Easy-access place to store frequently used appliances
  • Custom shelves and a place to plug in appliances in pantry
  • Place to hang hand towels & aprons

Bathroom Area

  • Lot of outlets –
    •  Inside Vanity cabinets (upper and lower, for hair dryers and more)
    •  Put one in the master toilet area (for a night light or phone charger)
  • Turn the pony wall into a hidden storage area
  • Heated Towel Racks (heated floors are nice too, but check your budget first)

Master Bedroom

  • 4 plug outlets near the bed in the master
  • Add USB plugs to wall outlets
  • Cable and outlet for any wall mounted televisions
  • A light switch at the head of your bed, so you can turn out the light once you are in bed

Closets & Organization

  • Think about outlets for your closets
  • Put cubbies in mudroom with an outlet in each one
  • Make sure your closets have enough space for both double hung rods and singles to accommodate long clothes
  • Include a broom cupboard in pantry or laundry room to keep cleaning items out of sight

HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing

  • Carbon monoxide unit on the wall near bedrooms
  • Plan where vents will go (make sure you have input, don’t let the builder decide alone)
  • Prewire for security system & cameras
  • Central HVAC system
  • Install a humidifier on the furnace (this will save you a lot of different hassles in the long run)
  • Include a 220V and a separate 20z circuit with outlets at waist height in garage to plug in tools
  • Pre-wire for music and speakers, inside and outside
  • iPad controllers in the walls to control whole house music systems
  • Pre-wire for generator to essential areas
  • Fire Extinguisher Receptacles
  • Power outlets and hose hook-ups on all 4 sides of your house
  • Hot/Cold water option on outdoor water hook-ups
  • Outlets under eaves for holiday lights, with a switch inside the house or garage to turn them off
  • Run a gas line for outdoor grill
  • Install keypad for garage door and front door