Selecting the Right Builder

Selecting the Right Builder

Selecting the right builder for your needs, wants and the type of new home you are looking for is the most  important decision you will make to go the route of building a new custom home.

There are several things to keep in mind when you begin your research into choosing the right building company to work with.  Not all new home builders are equal.  We have put together some helpful tips to consider when you begin the process of finding a quality builder that will be able to help you build your dream home.

Experience Counts

Every home builder once built their first home (this includes the largest, most experienced companies in the market today). Keep in mind that many new home construction companies were started by experienced veterans of other builders.  Ensure you look for strong experience in the professionals within the company building your new home.  Also, be aware of the type of new home you are looking to build, not many firms build starter homes for first-time buyers and also multi-million dollar homes for affluent custom home buyers. The building materials, trade contractors and even the building process itself can differ greatly by type and price of home. Look for the builder who specializes in the type of house you want to build.  While everyone got their experience somewhere don’t you want an inexperienced home-builder.

Experience Counts

Virginia and West Virginia requires that all home builders have a valid license to build.  When meeting with your prospective builder, ensure that the license is valid and not expired.  Don’t be afraid to ask about rules, specifications, required permits, etc that are needed.  Ask them what type of insurance they carry and what the individual contractors they use carry.  You want to make sure you and your building are covered during the entire building process.  The 2 main insurances all contractors and sub-contractors carry are liability and workers comp.

A great advantage new construction, not only is the house new, but all of the systems and products in the house are new as well and are under warranty.  This brings peace of mind knowing it should be years before you have to look at repairing or replacing items.  In addition, you should look for a structural warranty on the home itself (it is ideal to have one that is transferable to a new owner if you decide to sell, this helps resale).  As an added bonus finding a builder that provides prompt and courteous service, taking time to explain the proper maintenance of the home and special care your new home may need.  Always ask about the warranties your new home will have, typically there is a 1-year workman ship warranty (most major issues will show up in the first year); also a 5-year structural warranty.  Don’t forget that new every part and piece in the house comes with a warranty.  You can purchase written warranty from the stat, be sure to ask about these, it is very specific and spelled in the contract. One big thing to ask about is Nail Pops, your builder will educate you on these and what to expect.

Happy Owners

Research them online, what are people saying about them.  Most builders will offer references for home owners from previous new houses they have built, keep in mind that no one will give you a reference that won’t give a glowing report, so be cautious asking for references, looking at reviews different places online give a good rounded view.

Take a Tour

Once you have narrowed down the list of potential new home construction companies, take a tour of homes they have currently under construction and model/or completed homes.  Pay close attention to the details, is there something that you would want in your new home, every house has a certain amount of customization to it and you may see things you like or things that may not be right for you.  Look at the employees the builder is using.  Do they show interest in showing you around and answering any questions you may have?  Are they courteous and professional with their interactions with you?  These are all signs that the builder is reputable and strives to build you a quality home.

Selecting your new home builder is a careful selection, the decision you make will impact your home for the rest of its life.  Make sure you do your homework and follow the tips above, they will help you select the best option for your new custom home.