Plan Your New Home Design

Planning your new home design may seem like an impossible dream, but there are ways to stay on track and get your home designed to your specifications.

Architect planning home interior with color swatches

Where to Build

If you know where you want to build your new home and have a plot readily available or ready to purchase, then you have already expedited the process of getting your new home design ready, set, and on its way.

Look at Package Deals

Another way to save time is to consider custom home and land packages. You have more influence in your design preferences with a package than you do with a ready-to-move-in home. Avoid the hassle of looking for available and viable land to build on. Hire your architects and design team and get your customization through a single process and contract.

Layout Discussions with Your Architect

When you are ready to begin the actual design and development plan for your home, sit with the architect to discuss the layout and get their expert and professional input. Many of us think we are designers by nature, but unless it is our profession, we should rely on those who really have the knowledge to keep us on track and not in dreamland.

Interior Design

A substantial portion of the new build process is in the interior design selection. If you already have a couple of ideas that you are leaning toward prior to meeting with your design team, then you will be ready for construction in no time.

Special Features

If you are looking for additional features to your property – a pool, guest house, custom driveway or water features, or something more unique to a standard property – you should have this decision made well in advance during the design process so as not to waste time.

Stick to the Budget

Stay within your pre-planned budget. It can be easy to go off the original plan when you have plenty of money to spend, however, if you are on a fixed amount of money you need to be vigilant when you want to make changes or upgrades to your original plan during construction. If you allocate more funds towards extras and features that were not planned and run out then you may hold up the building process until you have more money available.

Finalize the Paperwork

Construction paperwork is overwhelming, especially considering some of the legalities you must deal with when it comes to new homes. If you can work with professionals and stick to deadlines and any requirements set before you, you will speed up the final pieces.