Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

We all want a beautiful, welcoming home to come back to, and your landscaping is an integral part of that dream. With busy schedules and sweltering heat, the last thing you want to be doing is weeding, digging, and trying to make your yard more presentable. Consider these low maintenance ideas to help keep the outside of your home looking pristine without all the hard work.

Kick Your Grass to the Curb

Whoever told you that a lawn is a must, was very much misinformed. There are yard options that are much more practical, with little care required. You can end up using your yard space more efficiently with a hardscape or permeable paved patio or walkway, rock gardens, and more. Although you will have some maintenance to deal with over the years, it’s only after years of wear. With minimal or zero mowings, that is a huge time saver. If you must-have plants, hardier plants are your best bet since they are very self-sufficient.

Don’t be Afraid of the Look-Alikes

We know that artificial turf may not be what you have in mind, but there are very affordable and well-designed types of turf that could take place as an accent in your garden. Some types of pavers are made to look like a wood grain or unnatural stone. These offer a luxurious look without all the upkeep.

Be Alternative

When it comes to mulching or covering the ground, crushed rock, gravel, sea glass, and so much more can be used instead of mulch. These are very low maintenance because it never has to be replaced. You can also use natural native ornamental grasses, clover, and sedges as an alternative to lawn grasses. Even moss in shady spots adds a touch of green without the fuss.

The Right Plant Life

Perennials are a great addition to your yard that will keep you from replanting bulbs every year. These plants will come back and often multiply without propagation. As mentioned before, hardy plants and succulents are very much recommended as well as coneflowers, aster, and milkweed. Keep in mind that if irrigation is needed, a slow drip system might be your best bet for time and money savings.

There are many yard maintenance options that don’t have to break the bank. With a little help and direction, you are sure to find a way to ditch lawnmower and enjoy the season and your new lawn!