How to Add Value to Your Home

If you are looking to put your house on the market, there are several small things you can do to your home to add to the overall value. You don’t need to necessarily make big investments into your house to add value to it.

Add value to your home with these upgrades

Update Appliances

You don’t have to upgrade to the most expensive appliance options, just ensure that your appliance work and match. If your appliances look old or updated then potential buyers may think that don’t work and might want to negotiate the listing price or no bid at all.


Get savvy with storage options, a clean well staged house is what buyers are more likely to offer list price or more on. People want to imagine their stuff and family in your space. Use coffee tables our benches that have hidden storage to keep things personal items out of sight. Add an organization system to closets to make them appear larger, as they can hold more things and appear less cluttered.


The outside of your home is the first impression buyers get. If you add little touches to the landscaping it can do a long way in terms of inviting buyers into your home. Simple changes go a long way, ensure the lawn looks well cared for, ensure that hedges are trimmed and allow proper light to get into your house. Add a little pop of color with in season flowers, you don’t have to go overboard, keep to things that are low maintenance, but make sure the outside of your house looks inviting and is well maintained.


A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Paint can make an older room look new and fresh again. Be sure to use neutral colors that do not detract from the space of the rooms. Blue tones in the bathroom and kitchens are said to be calming, just make sure you choose one that is subtle and will appeal to many buyers.


Invest in a good deep clean from a professional company. Getting rid of years (or even months) of dirt and grime will give buyers a great first impression. No one wants to walk into a potential home and see dirt in the window tracts or cobwebs in the corners. Dust collects quickly on ceiling fans and higher places, so make sure you put your best (clean) foot forward.


It is important to make your house show in the best way possible. How a space feels to a potential buyer is as important as how it looks. Let light in, put away the heavy drapes and ensure that the light is entering your space. Remove big and bulky furniture. Remove clutter and personal items (photos, etc). If a room is small think about adding a mirror, it visually doubles the space in a room.

The biggest thing when selling your home is making a great first impression with your buyers, there are many ways to simply and affordably do this and it will add value to your home in the process.