How Long Does it Take to Build a New House?

This is such an exciting time for new homeowners, building their dream home. The first things people wonder about is: how much is it going to cost?  The next big thing is: how long is it going to take to get it built? This question is the one we are going to dive deeper into.

Wooden framing for new home

There is a lot that goes into building your new dream home, and the best answer we can give you is, we build our homes up to a high quality of standards and we will walk you through the whole process from start to finish. At our first meeting we will give you an idea of how long it will take to build your home. Each home will be different depending on several factors – home size, supply availability, and permitting are some of the biggest factors that can affect the build timeline.

Let’s look at what goes into building a house. There are several steps that we can breakdown to help you understand the process.

  • Design – this is where we get the plans drawn up and ensure you have everything in the house that you are wanting. This is the most critical phase, as once the plans are done and approved, changing the structure will cause delays.
  • Permitting – this is where we review to ensure that the house plan is solid, submit the plans to the county/town, and wait for their approval. This process can take several weeks as there are many permits that are required.
  • Prepare Construction Site – this is where we ensure the site is clear for building. We remove trees, dig holes, etc. to make room for the site where we will be building your new house. Things that cause possible delays at this point are weather and unexpected things as we dig.
  • Pour Foundation – the next big step is pouring the foundation of the home when the site is cleared. Once it has cured, an inspection must be completed before moving to the next phase of construction.
  • Complete Rough Framing – we begin building walls and floors and your home starts taking shape. Once the shell is done, we will also start working on siding and the roof.
  • Complete Rough Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC – while siding and roofing is going on, we bring in our specialists to start installing the electrical and plumbing components to the house.
  • Complete Drywall and Interior Fixtures, Start Exterior Finishes – once insulation is added we can then start getting the inside ready. This is an exciting phase as you can now start to really see how the rooms of your new home are coming together and you can start to visualize what your new home is going to be like.
  • Install Hard Surface Flooring, Countertops, Complete Exterior Grading – this is where you start to see the kitchen and bathrooms brought to life.
  • Install Mirrors, Shower Doors, Finish Flooring, Exterior Landscaping – it’s time to start seeing all your decisions coming together! Your dream home is almost complete. The final details are added, and everything is finished up.
  • Final Walk-Through – this is your opportunity to go through the house with your builder/project manager/foreman and ensure that your new house is ready to move into.
  • Closing – all the final paperwork is done, and your builder turns the keys over to you.

Now it is time to enjoy your new house and settle in. It has taken several months to get here and there may have been delays along the way, but they were all worth it when you step into your new house after getting the keys.