Holiday Décor for Your Open House

If you decide to put your home on the market during the holiday season, you can add a touch of spice and sparkle to draw in your potential buyer. Even the dreariest spaces can warm up with a touch of holly and string lights. Something simple, classic, not too cluttered, will give a warm welcome and give your guests a sense of how they could spend their next Christmas. Just consider a few ideas that could impact the speed of your first bid and the amount.

Christmas Tree Choice

You may opt for an artificial tree while showing your home, to save you from the headache of a mess. But that is not always necessary, sometimes it’s the size of the tree that can highlight certain spaces in your home.

Lights, Camera, Sell!

Lights as in Christmas lights, are a low key and inexpensive way give that warm holiday feeling without something way too overstated. A gentle warm white strand of lights to set interior borders a glow will be just the right amount of holiday cheer.

Fireplace, the Focal Point

The fireplace a wonderful focus point in the living room, but don’t overwhelm the mantel – keep it easy, simple, and modest. Simple holly branches, garland with light strand embedded, or a cinnamon oiled pinecones setting could be just the right touch for this space.

Holiday Curb Appeal

Outside your home can attract just as much attention as the offerings indoors. Add a simple yet festive addition to the porch or entryway. Try to keep with the feel of the neighborhood, if there is a holiday. A basic wreath, garlands wrapped around the pillars or fencing almost sends an invitation to passersby. A note – to make sure that walkways are especially safe and clear of ice or snow during this season.

Season’s Greetings With Tasty Treats

Everyone who goes to an open house expects a little offering to snack on, as they take in the home and views. During Christmastime, there are numerous presentations and combinations of snack and treats that will draw in your potential buyer with that cozy, warm holiday feeling. Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread cookies, candied nuts, popcorn, hot apple cider… The list goes on.