Get Your Home Ready, Spring is Coming

Get Your Home Ready, Spring is Coming

Exterior Home

1. Clear all gutters.

If the drainage system outside your home isn’t well maintained, it can cause extensive water damage. It’s important to clear gutters and the downspouts of all debris and leaves. Check for proper positioning of gutters and downspouts, as well as any leaks or damage to the structure.

2. Check the roof.

Visually inspect your roof and look for loose shingles as well as any signs of cracking or warping. Check that all chimneys, skylights, and vents are completely intact. If your roof is too high to inspect from the ground, hire a licensed roof contractor for inspection and to complete any necessary repairs. This is your homes biggest defense against the effects of extreme weather, so take a look and take care.

3. Inspect seals around the windows and doors.

Cold weather and rapid temperatures can cause seals around doors and windows to warp. Repair these seals, if there is damage present; this will keep cooling costs down in the summer as well as water out of your home.

Interior Home

1. Service your home’s cooling system.

Ever been stuck in the thick of summer without a well-functioning air conditioning system? It’s not a fun experience for a homeowner or their family. It is recommended that your cooling system is checked yearly by an HVAC technician, one month prior to regular usage.

2. Check home detectors.

Check batteries and functionality in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. This is a simple and potentially life-saving task, make it a priority.

3. Spring cleaning is for the disposal too.

Maintenance for the kitchen disposal is merely a once a year to do. But it is important when you think about the years’ worth of ‘down the drain’ that has dulled and stained the blades. Simply run a few handfuls of ice cubes and cold water thru the disposal and you will be good to go.

Above are just some basic tips to get you on your way to a seasonal checklist specific to your home. If you stick to you it, it will most certainly keep your home running efficiently and looking cared for, for years to come.