Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

It can be difficult to decorate small spaces when you have big ideas. Read this list to give you ideas on how to better fit decor in a small room.

Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

Let it Flow

When you have a smaller area, try to keep the flow of your decor, furniture, and colors simple and digestible. When you have a lot of color or competing styles, that in itself can make one feel claustrophobic.

Think Compact and Save Space

Find simple folding or stack-able chairs. Depending on number of residents and how much you use your dining, this may be a viable option.

Keep it Clear

Simple decor that stay off of the floor is best for small spaces. Floating shelves and in-wall storage are helpful to keep from over-clutter and claustrophobia. Making changes like swapping out a floor lamp for a wall sconce could give a little extra breathing room.

Mirror, Mirror

If your rooms have minimal or no windows, they can feel smaller with the lack of natural light. Utilize mirrors if you can; they will reflect light around the room and give the perception of more space.

Go Bold

When your rooms are on the small side you may think to keep it light, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep it white and basic. Painting your walls in a warm and bright color along with decor that stands out can give your space more dimension. While it’s true that very dark colors enclose your rooms, white isn’t the only option.

Give Space A Chance

When rearranging your furniture try and avoid pushing everything tightly against the wall. Yes, you are gaining central living area, but it gives the appearance of a tight squeeze, which can make you and your guests feel cramped.

The Right Rug

If you have wood floors, choose your area rugs wisely. A large, vibrant rug can make your little space not feel so little.

Choice Pieces

It would be in your best interest to purchase pieces that are versatile, such as a futon that combines a bed and couch in one or a sectional that has storage capabilities.

A Focus on Lighting

Small rooms without windows need light sources to create the feeling of warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. A lot of dark spaces do not say ‘inviting.’