What is the Most Stressful Part of Building a New Home?

We have asked people what is the most stressful part to building your new home? The answers we received varied, but a lot of them we similar. If you are thinking about building a new custom home, here are a few things that cause people to stress over the most.

Most stressful parts of building a new home

Determining Your Budget

This is an important thing to have a before you get started, if you are not sure of what it is going to cost, give us a call. We will walk through what you are looking for and put together a proposal for you. This will help you to understand if what you want is within what you can afford. When it comes to making decisions along the way, stay within the budget that you planned on, little decisions can add a lot to the bottom line, so be cautious about your decisions.

Lack of Communication From The Builder

We have heard this one time and time again, that is why we have a communication platform that we use, we use a software called Co-Construct. This allows us to communicate to you and you to communicate to us through 1 portal. Everyone in the company is tied into it, therefore you can see the progress of your build and any outstanding items that need attention, as can we. Clean and frequent communication is the best way to build a new house.

Too Many Choices

Yes, a lot goes into building your dream. There is no way to take the choices out of the equation. However, we do try to make it easier for you. Again, using our Co-Construct platform, you can see what the next items you need to choose are and we help get you to the best suppliers to choose them. We are also just a phone call or email away to help you decide what will look right and what would be the best options for your space.


This is one that we try to get ahead of. Our foreman is on top of the timeline in building your new home. We set a timeline when we meet and building the house can be the quickest part of that, sometimes the longest parts are waiting on permits. This part is the unknown in the building process, we find it just as frustrating as you do! We keep in communication with you during the whole process, so you know where we stand on the timeline and when we move to the next phase of building your home.

Are there other things that will be stressful when you are building your new custom home? Absolutely, but only as stressful as you let them be. Building a new home isn’t quick and easy, be we do try to take the worry out of it and have found that communication with our clients is the best way to help them have a less stressful experience. After all, we are in this together, making your home dreams come true.