The Importance of Insulating Your Attic

Attic Insulation Improvement

A draft in your home or unequal air distribution in the home make the home less comfortable and more likely that you will turn up the heat and cool air more often. Costs of energy bills, the discomfort of home, stress on your systems, and air circulation issues are all strong motivators to investigate if attic insulation would be affordable and beneficial to you.

Stay Comfortable

Comfort is a privilege. However with all the convenience we already pay for, we expect some comfort. When your home is not distributing heat and cool air evenly it can be hard to relax, to sleep, or even to get us out of the shower without discomfort. Outside temperatures help regulate inside temperatures and with insulation you will surely feel less shocked from temperature variations.

Savings on Your Energy Bills

Insulation in your attic can cut your monthly energy bills by minimizing lost airflow throughout the year. In the summer heat comes to the home and then heat leaves the home during colder months. Insulation allows control in retaining heat you want and keeping out the heat you don’t. And the older your home, the more recommendations you will have to insulate.

Longevity of Your HVAC System

If you can utilize your insulated attic it will help in keeping energy costs down but also the cost of replacing your HVAC systems sooner. Insulation will reduce the use of systems since they will not be as stressed from overworking to keep you comfortable.

Improve Your Air Circulation

Without insulation you leave open a conduit for outdoor pollutants, toxins, and other particulate to enter the home. Insulation can protect us from breathing in harmful mold or mildew without this protection. If you make this change you should notice an immediate improvement in your indoor air quality.

Attics are usually a forgotten piece of the home unless they are used often for storage or other purposes and are mostly not considered for home improvement projects. However, they have a purpose and a benefit to your comfort, health, and your wallet.