Home Warranties

Building a new custom home is exciting, the last thing you want to think about is that something is going to break or go wrong once you have moved in.  Everything is brand new, right?  How could something possibly go wrong?  Well, it can happen, and we are here to set your mind at ease and review the warranties that come with your brand new custom home.  As a new home owner, it is important that you know what is covered, and for how long.

Home Warranties

Many warranties in your newly built custom home are backed by the builders and by the suppliers.  Some home owners do purchase additional coverage of their own from third party companies to extend the time frame that everything is covered.  Your Builder or Real Estate Agent can assist you with contacting these companies to see what the costs and available benefits are.

Warranties for your new custom home are generally limited to coverage of workmanship and materials.  Workmanship is typically covered for a year. This is things like doors, trim, drywall and paint. There are also coverages for “major structural defects” which are longer, typically up to 10 years.  Your HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems are covered as well, again typically for 1 – 2 years.  Some may be longer, some may be shorter; it is best to speak to your builder to see what their time frame is and what specifically they cover under their warranty.

As far as materials such as cabinets, appliances, flooring etc, these will typically have their own warranties and will cover you for various periods depending on the manufactures warranties.  Ensure that when you pick your components you ask what the warranties are and know how to go about filing a claim should the need arise.

All builder warranties should be written into your contract so you will know up-front what is covered and the time frames they are covered for.  If you have questions ask your builder at the time the contracts are being reviewed.  Other manufacturers warranties will not be known until you pick your specific items (appliances, cabinets, etc).  When you are choosing those ask what is covered and the time frame it is covered for.

It is at this point you will want to look at possible additional warranty coverage for longer periods.  Knowing what you are getting will help you make the decision about adding additional coverage.  Don’t hesitate to ask your Builder or Real Estate Agent for their opinions.  They have been in business for years and will offer you an un-biased professional opinion and guidance.

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