Find the Best Lot for Your Custom Home Build

Making the decision to design and build a custom home is an adventure with loads of choices to make. After taking that leap you will face the next most important step: deciding where your home will be built. There are some who have chosen their lot beforehand, but if this is not the case for you, then you have some considerations to make.

Custom homes in an upscale residential neighbourhood

What’s Your Type?

Standard Flat Lot

A flat lot is the standard vision with a two-car garage and a perfectly manicured lawn surrounded by a white picket fence. However, if you go this route, make sure the property isn’t sitting at the lower point of the surrounding land for drainage purposes. If you decide to get a basement you should prepare for a sump pump purchase to prevent flooding impacts. It may seem ideal, but it is not the perfect lot type.

About the View

Regardless of whether you plan to spend your time entertaining in your outdoor areas, enjoy a quiet evening, or relish in the hustle and bustle of city roamers, the view is something to consider when choosing your lot. If you are backing up to undeveloped land, you may want to investigate if there are plans for the land in case an unsightly or unwanted view is in your future.


Slope lots vary but have one very important thing in common – avoiding basement flooding. Unfortunately, this benefit comes at a higher cost to you!

  • Downslope – this lot slopes down and away from the back of the home, and if you have a basement, you may have an entrance or exit in the rear.
  • Upslope – this lot is where the house sits up above the entrance from the road. The slope may continue up beyond the house but may go flat or back down depending on the geography.
  • Side slope – this lot has the slope coming up the side of the home where a side entry basement garage or walk-out basement entrance could be.


A narrow lot is perfect for major cities where buildings accommodate living spaces without large lawns or yards. Residents may opt for vertical gardens or use public transportation exclusively so they have no need for a garage. Narrow doesn’t seem common, but there are many who prefer smaller living spaces or just a simpler lifestyle.

In the Corner

A corner lot is very sought after with the right view and location, making them a little more expensive than others. They’re located at the corner of two intersecting streets with access to the rear and an option for two entrances.

There are benefits but also drawbacks to every lot. As a future resident, it is your responsibility to evaluate your plans, budget, and what makes the most sense before choosing the lot for your custom home build. At Hepler Homes, we are here to help you along the way. This process can be very overwhelming, but we have been through it plenty of times to ensure that you are able to build the house you want on the lot you buy. Give us a call and get started on your journey to building your dream home.