Does the Size of Your Home Really Matter?

You’ve heard of people living in the tight quarters of a tiny home to those who opt for enough space to shelter a small village. Is it a matter of preference, space use, number of people, or your budget? Well, it could be one of those or all three, but if you’re looking for a space to comfortably house yourself, empty nesters, or a large or multiple family situation – some basic square foot recommendations could be what will help you decide on the right fit for you and household.

On a Budget

Many custom home buyers want much more space than they can afford. It can be easy to get wrapped up in adding a rec room or a larger garage. When you have financial constraints, you will have to consider fewer bedrooms or bathrooms, or even forego the sun room you thought you wanted. Don’t break the bank when building or buying a new home; work smarter and within your means.

How Are You Utilizing Your Space?

When considering square footage, it is important to plan how the space in your house will be used. Yes, your home will likely be for living, but these days many entrepreneurs work and produce right out of their home and many more that opt for telecommuting.

A growing family, renting a room, or moving in a family member or two also puts the squeeze on living space, but these living situations do exist.

Bedroom-Living Space Ratio

An important element of deciding square footage for your home is the ratio between the bedrooms and living space. Typically for every bedroom, you need to provide 2 places for people to sit in the dining and living room area.

Additionally, for multiple generations living in a home together (such as children, parents, and grandparents), a space away from other living areas should be part of your space calculations.

What Is Your Preference?

So many homebuyers find the value in a larger than life home, they end up with much more space than they need. Whether it’s a preference for space after living in close quarters, or a desire for luxury, it’s a common choice for new buyers as well as empty nesters. The extra space is usually devoted to walk-in closets, decadent extra full bathrooms, or an even bigger master bedroom.